Clay Mask Yellow


Rich in minerals and trace elements, this yellow clay mask gently exfoliates and stimulates your skin, whilst rejuvenating and revitalizing every cell.

Argiletz Yellow Clay Face Mask 100g ready to use is a raw Illite clay, sun-dried for optimum results. Specially used to purify combination skins absorbing toxins, the yellow clay stimulates and optimizes the cell regeneration. Rich in oligo-elements, this mask brings useful minerals for the epidermis.100% natural clay. Preservative-free, irradiation-free

Ingredients: Yellow clay 59,5% , Water 39%, Montmorillonite 1,5%.

Indication : To cleanse and purify combination skins.


Apply the yellow clay mask to the whole face and neck area. Leave on for 10 min to take effect. Do not allow clay to dry. Cleanse with lukewarm water.


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