Clay for skin care

We are very pleased to add these amazing clay mask on our range.

Argiletz was founded in 1953.

Clay for skin care is a rich, noble material offering a wide array of beneficial effects to humans. The whole story started years ago during the Second World War through her mother’s gentle, saving gestures. In the woods from the Jura, she used to treat the Resistance fighters thanks to the potent healing properties of green Illite clay, a soothing remedy known since the Ancient times that she could easily hide in her bag.


Sun drying

Many companies use different kinds of energy to dry their raw materials further discharging CO2 emissions. For 50 000 tons to be dried, they need 18 800 mwh/year of gas generating 1 000 tons of CO2 per year. For the past 60 years, Argiletz has used the sun to dry over 100 000 tons of green clay.


Industrial process respectful of the environment.

The philosophy of ARGILETZ Laboratory is based on five principles: conviction, anticipation, generosity, equity and respect.

  •  100% natural, non-ionized, preservative-free clays.
  • Raw material exclusively coming from the plant   and mineral kingdoms.
  •  Raw material exclusively coming from the plant and mineral kingdoms.
  • No animal tests.
  •  Non polluting, recyclable packaging, vegetable inks.
  • Tank of 6000 L to collect the rainwater so as to look after green spaces.
  • Best clay mask

Clay Mask