Clay Therapy 

clay therapy

Enjoy a nourishing time  connecting with Mother Earth as you

Relax deeply into a whole body healing clay wrap 

Using green clay,delicate oil  with Neroli or Rose Otto Hidrolat

Journey inwards to meet your essence 

Awaken your beauty in sacred ceremony 

Surrender to the vibrant harmonies of singing and crystal bowls

Receiving hand healing on your body


Ana offer this unique treatment in the comfort of your own home .

 Women Only


Treatment comes with Superfine Premium Green Clay with oils and hidrolat.


Individual session

2 hours

At your home

For two 

2 hours

At your home





£55 each


Treatment comes with Superfine Premium Green Clay with oils and hydrolat.

you can choose different clays with a extra cost .


Superfine Red Montmorillonite Clay : £5.00

Morocco Rhassoul: £10.00



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Testimonial Clay Ceremony

"I had probably one of my fantastically self nurturing experiences of my life the other day taking part in this. Deeply feminine and beautiful. Be sure to love yourself with this xxx"



"Thank you Ana and everyone for a new experience which I found very relaxing ... 

So much so that time seemed or expand! 

It was as if I had been "away" in a deeply held space for hours ..."


"It was an amazing day facilitated by two lovely people. The movement and ceremony complimented one another perfectly and I experienced profound shifts both on the day and afterwards. It was a completely new experience for me and one I cannot recommend enough. Thank you so much! x”

Good luck with your next workshop and see you again!

Warm wishes,



I really enjoyed the clay day. I really needed that time out. As you may  know I been rather unwell recently.

The clay wrap seemed to stimulate an area of scar tissue,  which up  untill now had been numb when touched , it mow feelaclike the rest of me 

I really enjoyed the meditational sound and music, whilst we waited for the clay to do its magic.

We also had the chance to drink some clay water that had been immersed hours before.

Yes it tasted of muddy water,  but I felt fantastic inside out for the next week.  A product thay I shall be buying in the future.



Deeply grateful for the beautiful clay treatment you gave me dearest sister. I loved it so much and can't wait to receive the next one!! émoticône smile

'Ana came to my house yesterday to give me my first Clay treatment ritual. And what a beautiful and unusual experience that was! 

I loved preparing the clay with intention and spreading it on my body. It was a very sensual and primal feeling. After the clay was applied, I was wrapped up in a comfortable plastic sheet and covered with blankets. As the clay was enveloping my body under the plastic, it felt warm and very cosy, like in a cocoon. I stayed like this for about half an hour while Ana was playing singing bowls and chimes allowing me to journey deep within myself. I felt a deep sense of connection to myself and my female essence. Ana also gave me some fantastic hands on healing. When she placed her hands on my belly, I felt an incredible amount of heat being poured into my body, like a loving fire. I have had a lot of healing sessions in the past but I have never felt this intensity of warmth.

I wanted to stay there forever.

Last but not least, Ana gives a light massage (on top of the covers) that, mixed with the clay and plastic, is rather sensational.

I felt amazing after the session and my skin looked so clear and glowing.

I felt totally held by Ana at all times. She provides a safe space, is highly professional and deeply caring. 

I definitely want to make it a monthly treat!

A blissful and truly unique experience that I recommend to my female friends!'



Testimonial for Ana - 1:1 Clay ceremony at my home

My 1:1 personal Clay Ceremony with Ana was the most exquisite experience - I entered into a state of deep relaxation and an enhanced sense of well being, which stayed with me in the days following.

Ana created a beautiful, sacred and safe 'space' for me to enjoy and savour being immersed in my clay cocoon.  I lay there in a suspended state feeling a profound sense of serenity, having left the hurly burly of the everyday world far behind me, and I forgot the myriad of daily concerns which would  normally be playing out in my mind.  It was a truly transcendent experience! The delicious resonance of the singing bowls created a wonderful soundscape, and I felt supported, caressed and delighted by the vibrations.

 Ana is a gentle and intuitive practitioner who radiates a kind and loving presence, and I felt deeply nourished and held during my session with her. I express my heartfelt thanks to her for such a remarkable experience and would highly recommend her unique approach to clay therapy.