Testimonial Clay Ceremony 

"I had probably one of my fantastically self nurturing experiences of my life the other day taking part in this. Deeply feminine and beautiful. Be sure to love yourself with this xxx"



"Thank you Ana and everyone for a new experience which I found very relaxing ... 

So much so that time seemed or expand! 

It was as if I had been "away" in a deeply held space for hours ..."



"I really enjoyed the clay day. I really needed that time out. As you may  know I been rather unwell recently.

The clay wrap seemed to stimulate an area of scar tissue,  which up  until now had been numb when touched , it mow feel like the rest of me 

I really enjoyed the meditation sound and music, whilst we waited for the clay to do its magic.

We also had the chance to drink some clay water that had been immersed hours before.

Yes it tasted of muddy water,  but I felt fantastic inside out for the next week.  A product that I shall be buying in the future".