rejuvenance® :  the ultimate face mask

With 7 co-active ingredients  :

How to make a Rejuvenance® face mask


Mix 1tbsp of Rejuvenance powder with 1tbsp of fresh water or cider vinegar with a wooden spoon to obtain a smooth paste. Apply on your face and neck , keep it 10 - 15 mn and rinse with warm water.

Tip: you can  add add 1 tsp of honey on your preparation or replace the cider vinegar with lemon juice . 


Rejuvenance® the ultimate face mask 130g


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Benefits of the ingredients



Due to its porous structure, Green Clay is a natural adsorbent, which literally removes all kinds of by-products our skin leaves behind or builds up inside of its layers, like oils, dirt and toxins.

The mineral content of green clay is extraordinary, including but not limited to: magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, silicon, selenium, iron, copper, and cobalt

The absorbent properties of green clay work in beauty treatments by drawing out impurities and toxins from the skin, toning and firming while stimulating circulation

Green clay is known for its properties to tighten pores, exfoliate dead skin, and reveal a smoother, fresher complexion

It has been used throughout the ages, in the form of clay masks to clear skin and heal blemishes.








Vitamin C is widely known for its antioxidant benefits for your body but also your skin, brilliantly boosting collagen while helping to treat UV exposure photo-damage, it will also boost the skin’s luminosity and improve skin tone - Vitamin C is a key anti-ageing skincare ingredient that helps to gently brighten and smooth your skin. It's one of the most powerful antioxidants and helps protect your skin against free radical damage caused by the environment, which can breakdown your collagen and encourage wrinkles and sagging. 




Green tea is an anti-inflammatory agent, so it will soothe your skin and help prevent redness. Rich in antioxidants, specifically ones called ECGCs, which protect the skin from inflammation and skin ageing, and calms skin prone to redness. When applied directly to the skin, in the form  of a mask, green tea extract has a direct and fast effect in improving the skin’s condition.

The flavonoids present in Green Tea Extract is known to boost immune response in skin cells, making the skin better able to protect itself against external toxins.

Research also shows that the Catechin Tea Extract help to reduce signs of ageing in sun-damaged skin.




Activated Charcoal is a finely reduced powder (5-10 microns) that comes from coconut shell, which presents a huge surface area for the absorption of unwanted substances. So when taken orally or used on teeth or skin it works like a sponge to soak up contaminants. Activated charcoal contributes to reducing excessive flatulence after eating. The beneficial effect is obtained with 1 g which should be taken at least 30 minutes before and 1 g shortly after the meal. The Clay Cure Activated Charcoal is produced from sustainable coconuts which have been highly purified with steam to remove any contaminants for use as a pharmaceutically active ingredient.




Praised for its anti-inflammatory abilities,Fenugreek seeds powder  lightens the skin complexion and gives it a beautiful glowIt is known to nourish and firm the skin, rich in vitamin c, niacin, calcium, iron, and vitamin A. It reduces oil production and acts as a natural exfoliant too.  Fenugreek seeds oils that help keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. Very good for acne prone skin.