Activated Charcoal

You probably have heard of activated charcoal since it’s become very trendy amongst the natural health community, especially when it comes to detox and teeth whitening!

In fact, activated charcoal has been used for thousands of years and was considered a universal antidote. It is used all over the world in emergency situations such as food poisoning and drug overdose.

At the Clay Cure, we love activated charcoal and we provide the best pharmaceutical grade charcoal you can find!
This fine, deep black powder, is made from coconut shell and is a very potent detoxifier.

🖤Why use activated charcoal?

>>Provides relief from a wide variety of digestive disorders such as upset stomach, IBS, colitis, leaky gut…

>>Supports gut’s health

>>Helps with Indigestion and food poisoning

>>Tooth whitening

>>Skin treatment: effective for acne, insect bites, and general skin detox

>>Water filtration: reduces heavy metal and fluoride content in water

⚠️IMPORTANT: Because activated charcoal will bind to certain medications please advise your doctor before using this if you are taking medications.
Please read further info on our website before use.

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