140ml glass jar with glass lid

The 140ml mini jar can classically be used for our refill

The matching glass lid is included in delivery. 

volume 140 ml

delivery incl. closure

Basic form round

Height (without cap) 69 mm

External diameter 68mm

Weight 215 gr

material Glass

Colour Clear (transparent)

New flavour earthpaste spearmint & charcoal

emf wave cleanse

rejuvenance® : the ultimate face maskWith 7 co-active ingredients


All the ingredients in this unique blend work in synergy, together they are more available and effective. Rich in anti-ageing ingredients, this formula harnesses the power of Earth & Sea. Abundant in minerals that are known to have healing and restorative actions on the skin. 

Rejuvenance® Face Mask will work deep into the skin, leaving it alive and fresh. It will clear congested pores and draw out impurities, revealing your true pure glow.