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Make an educated decision about what you put on your skin!

Make the switch to healthier personal care products


Unlike most commercial brands, each of our personal care products is made without synthetic chemicals or harsh additives. Instead, you'll get the cleanest and highest quality ingredients that have passed strict lab testing for purity and safety.

Just as many people are becoming conscious of what they are putting on the skin. People forget that the skin is an organ of digestion, what you put in your skin needs to be as nourishing as the food you eat!

All our products are multi-functional – for instance with the green clay, you can brush your teeth, make a poultice, a cleansing face mask, a full-body paste, a conditioner for the hair and also as first aid, like: cuts, burns and insects stings.

Our mission is to help people to switch from their dependency on chemical products that are mass-marketed by the pharmaceutical and large cosmetics corporations. Even though the trend is to proclaim things as “natural” with plant ingredients, there are long lists of chemical constituents. Our products are entirely from the earth without anything added. People can trust that they are good for the body, good for the earth because it means that we are not producing any pollution.


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