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The Bible says we're made of clay (Adam is Hebrew for red clay). That may be because it is perhaps the most common and widespread substance on earth, but some scientists also hypothesize that life actually originated in a "soup" of clay, water, organic compounds, and energy from light or lightning. In addition, the crystalline structure of clays exhibit a logic of coding similar to DNA, the building block of life. Read more


It seems that the body recognises clay and responds immediately to its presence. Much has been written and researched about the healing clay properties of clay but simply put:” There are five primary attributes of clay:


Edited extract from :"Calcium Bentonite Clay: Nature’S Pathway to Healing”  by Perry A. Arledge

It balances:

A balanced body is designed to heal itself. You could say that clay is intelligent earth.  It is made up of nano crystals.  Crystals are capable of  memory, reorganisation and holding energy.  Clay communicates with the body and acts as needed: it is homeostatic and strives to return the body to a state of wellness.

It detoxifies:

Clay has strongly negatively charged ions that pull, hold and capture positive charged ions which are found in toxin viruses, mold, yeast , heavy metals, and radiation.  This is made possible by its tremendous absorption/adsorption capacity. 

It stimulates

It can promote blood flow and oxygenation, stimulating circulation and the flow of energy necessary for cellular revitalization and repair. it awakens latent cell energy.   

It alkalizes:

Clay has a high alkaline Ph,in the 8.5 to 10. Range.  Internally calcium bentonite clay works from the mouth, down through the alimentary canal, providing a very effective cleansing and detoxing capability even though it is not absorbed through the colon wall into the bloodstream. 

It nourishes :

Since it is naturally very high in mineral content and trace elements clay can be used as a naturally occurring mineral supplement.  Research shows that the way that the minerals and trace elements are found within clay is in the exact balanced ratio that the body needs for perfect assimilation.

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Returning to a Natural Way of Being

Within The Clay Cure's ethos, is a philosophy that seeks to bring forth traditional and time tested natural ways of healing, offering products and usage which reconnects us too much of the ancient wisdom that has been lost and suppressed beneath a sea of chemicals, profit and 'conveniences,' which harm both our inner and outer existence. 


The Clay Cure's packaging ethos is in line with the philosophy for their innovative, unique and fabulous blends. In a day and age where we now begin to face the grave repercussions of a society that prioritises profit, haste, above purity, common sense, and conservation; it is increasingly important that we return to more natural ways of living. While the Clay Cure's packaging still remains convenient and functional, its main focus is in furnishing products which reconnect to ourselves and to nature, with the least carbon footprint and with maximum care, and kindness. read more



We currently supply pure and hight grade Bentonite, Zeolites ,Kaolin and Green, Red, Beige Montmorillonite clays.

Each one has its own special healing clay properties.


Some can be used internally, while others are ideal to apply to the skin externally. All our clays are perfect to make your own beauty products, such as Clay Masks, Clay Bath.They can be used for healing poultices.


The Clay Cure Co. does not only sell clays, but also a range of Pure Salts from around the globe and Activated Charcoal. We have been very careful to find uncontaminated sources, and places where the salts are extracted in an ethical way.


We have on our range of 100% Natural personal care products, such as Natural Deodorant, Tooth Powder and Bath blends.


Make the switch to healthier personal care products :

Unlike most commercial brands, each of our personal care products is made without synthetic chemicals or harsh additives. Instead, you'll get the cleanest and highest quality ingredients that have passed strict lab testing for purity and safety.

For all inquiries: Please send us an email at: info (at) theclaycure.co.uk  Thank you