The Clay Cure Is:

Our Philosophy is:



A commitment to natural, quality ingredients.

A promise to source and deliver unique, useful products. 

A product line we and our customers can be proud of. 

A small company, driven to make a big difference.

Our Products Are


Made consciously


Never tested on animals

Ethical and fair

Free from additives, chemicals,synthetic fragrance or dyes.

Free from parabens, silicones, phenoxythanol, nanoparticles, PEG, perfumes and synthetic colors 



Before the modern ‘industrialization’ of beauty, Mother Earth had a natural alternative for your beauty and well-being , which came in the most unexpected form. Many of us would love to use all-natural beauty and health/detox products, as long as they work as well as we are used to  and preferably better!

The natural that makes the difference’ pre-dating ‘factory beauty’ by thousands of years is: CLAY. We tend to think of clay as the stuff of pots, but The Clay Cure Company’s clay-based products are not just natural, they work better than man-made alternatives. Our philosophy is to make natural and organic skin care product with a clean conscience.

The Clay Cure range uses pristine sources from unspoiled regions of France, Sardinia Turkey, and combines formulas used and proven over millennia with a certain contemporary flair and alchemy.

Zeljko and Ana Bozic founder of The Clay Cure company  are in an expansive and creative phase, constantly researching and adding new products that are purely sourced from the earth.

At home all our personal care products, from tooth powder, natural deodorant to shampoo are all based and made with natural ingredients. Clay has allowed us to feel so much more connected to Mother Earth, and every day we are in conscious gratitude at having clay in our lives.