How to make a clay water

clay water


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This is what we do when we take clay internally. Ana & Zeljko



Take a heaped teaspoon (no metal) once a day in a glass and add spring water. Let rest for a few hours or overnight. Mix and drink on an empty stomach.


Whilst we can no longer advertise this product as food grade due to a clamp down by trading standards (who don’t want any clays advertised this way), we know many people that love using it internally. This clay is ultra-pure, clean, allergen-free and high in beneficial trace elements


The Clay Cure will not take responsibility for this product being incorrectly used. All information is given freely and is not in any way intended to replace or negate medication and/or guidance from a registered healthcare practitioner. If you are pregnant please contact a registered healthcare practitioner before use. For educational purpose only, this information is not to diagnose or treat any disease.


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Want to know more about Clay? How to prepare it, use it and for which health conditions?

Well, we have fantastic books for you!

They are both our Clay bibles and we highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in learning more about healing with this incredible earth medicine.

Due to legislation restrictions, we are very limited in regards to the health benefits claims we can make and essential information we can give to our customers about our products.

Hence our endeavour to share this ancient wisdom through blog articles and books!

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