Returning to a Natural Way of Being

Within the Clay Cure's ethos, is a philosophy that seeks to bring forth traditional and time tested natural ways of healing, offering products and usage which reconnects us too much of the ancient wisdom that has been lost and suppressed beneath a sea of chemicals, profit and 'conveniences,' which harm both our inner and outer existence. 


The Clay Cure's packaging ethos is in line with the philosophy for their innovative, unique and fabulous blends. In a day and age where we now begin to face the grave repercussions of a society that prioritises profit, haste, above purity, common sense, and conservation; it is increasingly important that we return to more natural ways of living. While the Clay Cure's packaging still remains convenient and functional, its main focus is in furnishing products which reconnect to ourselves and to nature, with the least carbon footprint and with maximum care, and kindness. red more


At the Clay Cure, only 100% natural ingredients are used, which do no harm to the people or the Earth we are part of. From the onset, the Clay Cure has worked towards achieving the same symmetry in packaging, pioneering change in a world subjugated by the petrochemical industries. Without sacrificing the purity of ingredients of the ethically sourced ingredients they employ in their nascent business, they are effectively committed to transition to an all-natural, ecological, biodegradable and ethically sustainable solutions for their packaging. As research and availability allow for the Clay Cure's aim of 100% natural to be realised, they continue to be on the forefront, innovating with Mother Earth's self-interest at heart. 


For the Clay Cure, people and the environments are one and the same. This explains why Clay Cure owners Ana and Zeljko, choose, whenever possible, plant-based, and truly environmentally friendly raw materials, undeterred by profit and self-aggrandisement. They are leaders in this new millennia, working in stark contrast, in today's discredited, profit-driven capitalist world.


 With a large focus on reducing packing completely, you'll find refill bags available for many products. In fact, Ana and Zeljko, are not only wedded to each other; they also feel wedded to nature. These unions translate into a firm commitment to eradicate the pre-made, single-use doctrines that prevail in most items of modern-day production. 


Similarly, the rawness of the application processes encouraged by the Clay Cure helps us to connect with the Earth and Mother Nature herself. The benefits to the environment are astonishing and revolutionary. No harmful aerosols, little complex and non- recyclable packaging, little waste. 


Simultaneously, we are presented with another opportunity to be more hands-on and present in what we do. What is typically involved is the addition of spring water into powders, mixing, dipping or rubbing. This gentle and worthy approach encourages their rapidly growing customer base, to take more responsibility for the care of their own bodies, and the environment as an extension thereof. Ana and Zeljko's personal aim inspires others to enthusiastically collaborate in the elaboration and application of natural blends that are pure, simple and healing. 


In many ways, we have increasingly lost touch with an aspect of our being, where we worked intuitively with the ground, the natural world and Mother Earth. In a time when nothing could be more paramount than to help slow down the climate catastrophe upon us all, and in which we all have a moral and practical role to play, it is extremely refreshing to be part of the cure ion this fun, healthy and creative way. And whilst consuming less, to set one's heart on products that prioritise Gaia, mind, body and soul.


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