Properties of Clay

By Marie Boularand

Clay is the most ancient healing remedy and hygienic substance used by humans and animals since the creation of life on Earth. In ancient texts and parchments, it is said that humans were made out of clay. In science, they have shown that life started in a mixture made of clay and water. These statements show how essential clay is for humans and all living beings on Earth.

Clay has been one of my main remedies for over 25 years, using it on a weekly basis for beauty and healing purposes. Through my travels, I’ve tried a lot of clays from different countries and continents and I realized that not all healing clays were equal. With some I could feel and see the benefits right away when with others just preparing them was an interesting, not to say a weird experience. So I made some research and met some experts to understand why there were such differences between clays.  Let me share the two main categories of healing clays sold on the market out there.

It seems that many so-called “healing” clays are indeed no better than cat litter! They are actually shales, which are clay-rich rocks found deeper in the soils where clay starts to form. These types of wrongly called “clays” are usually quarries’ industrial rejects, hence their lower price. Because they are shales, their purity is very poor (35-15% of clay) and their safety is questionable due to their high content in heavy metals, quartz, sands, debris, along with other pollutants. Laboratory tests show that their healing properties are very low.

The most potent and beneficial clays come from noble soil layers a term that defines the surface layers of very old soils usually located at the site of ancient volcanic activities and sea sedimentation basins. It takes several centuries for the clay to reach the surface and concentrate in those soil layers (up to 85% of clay). On its way up, the clay transforms and gets loaded with bioavailable minerals and vital energy. Nourished by the roots of the trees, plants and grass, exposed to the natural sunlight and rainwater, the clay slowly matures and gains its full physical and energetic characteristics that you are about to (re-) discover now.



Marie Boularand lists 13 healing properties of clay, due to EU legislations, we are no longer allowed to make claims on the products we sell. We recommend you do your own research.