What Are The Health Benefits Of Clay?

This January you might decide that 2023 will be the year you look after number one, doing things that nourish your body and mind and, ultimately, boost your self-worth. Well, one way to accomplish this is by using clay. 


To find out more, read on. 


A detox

Many people go on a new year detox to flush out toxins, particularly after weeks of overindulging throughout Christmas. If this sounds like you, you’ll be interested to hear there have been studies that found clay is effective at reducing the effect of toxins.


Although clay for detox is not regarded by EU authorities as food products, there is a long history of its consumption. However, clay can still be impactful when it is used on the skin or body instead.


Detoxify skin

Indeed, by creating a paste with water, Medical News Today reveals it can effectively cleanse parts of the body, particularly armpits and feet. 


It is also good at treating oily skin and acne, which is why people are increasingly using clay pastes to calm their breakouts. 


“Using a clay face mask can help remove impurities from the skin to treat acne or reduce the risk of pimples and skin infections,” it stated. 


It is also thought to improve elasticity of skin, cleanse and nourish it, giving a glowing appearance. 


Treat skin conditions

As well as getting rid of spots, clay paste is also known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, helping to heal skin conditions


For instance, it can be used by those who have hand dermatitis, skin infections, ulcers, or allergic reactions. 


Sun protection 

Some people also believe clay can be used as a sunscreen, protecting the skin against harmful rays. 


A 2014 study showed that creams containing bentonite clay and zeolite minerals could absorb “the highest level of UV light compared to that of the commercially available sun lotion”. 


It concluded these could be “considered as cost-effective alternatives for current commercial sunscreens”. 


As it has not been approved as an ingredient for sun block, however, it is best to use it alongside official products. 


Natural toothpaste

Although we have been using toothpaste as we know it now since the ‘40s, there was a time when they did not contain fluoride, abrasives, flavours, humectants and detergents. 


It is likely, therefore, that natural toothpastes were used to keep teeth healthy and strong instead. Clay, for instance, is thought to detoxify and alkalise the mouth, though further research is needed to support these claims. 


For nappy rash 

Nappy rash can be incredibly painful for babies, and can lead to very raw skin if left untreated. 


Although there are lots of creams on the market these days, a natural alternative is bentonite clay paste. 


Research found that 93 per cent of young children who had clay paste used on their rash saw improvement within six hours, while 90 per cent had completely healed within three days. 


Consequently, the study concluded that bentonite was “effective on the improvement of diaper dermatitis”.


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