The Amazing Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

There are many uses for activated charcoal. It is used medically to help treat overdose or poisoning as it helps to prevent the poison from being absorbed into the body, instead, it is absorbed into the charcoal itself. 


However, there are also many other at-home uses for activated charcoal which make it great to keep on hand.


Activated charcoal is usually created from burned natural matter, such as coconut shells, and has no flavour or scent. This makes it great to use as a supplement as it will not alter the taste of any food or beverage you add it to.


It can be taken as a capsule, used as a powder or even mixed into a liquid to create a tincture. Many people use activated charcoal as a detoxifying supplement and it is supposedly beneficial to your gut and your kidneys as well as helping to lower cholesterol levels.


Activated charcoal does not get absorbed in your stomach and gut, instead, it works to remove toxins and poisons in your body and passes through, taking the toxins with it. 


This means that it does not provide anything additional to your body, instead, it removes the bad stuff and is then simply passed through.


This is why it is supposedly beneficial in improving kidney function. Your kidneys work to remove waste products and toxins from your body by filtering your blood. 


If you find you are struggling with kidney issues, it may be due to your diet or other genetic issues which mean they struggle to remove toxins.


Taking activated charcoal helps to remove more of these toxins, meaning your kidneys have less to filter out which can help them work more effectively. This can be beneficial to those living with kidney disease or those who are prone to kidney infections.


Many believe activated charcoal also helps to whiten teeth. While this is more a cosmetic benefit than a health benefit, it can still be important to many. 


The charcoal can be used as a powder or paste and brushed onto the teeth to help remove plaque and stains, therefore leaving the teeth looking whiter and brighter.


Similarly, many people will also use activated charcoal powder in their skincare regime, as a face mask or mixed into other products. 


It is believed that charcoal works the same way it does inside the body and absorbs toxins and other nasties from the skin which can lead to a clearer, brighter complexion.


Charcoal can also be used as a gentle exfoliant in skincare as the powder is slightly abrasive, meaning it can be used to gently remove dry and dead skin, therefore leaving your face and body feeling softer.


Exfoliation also aids other products, such as moisturising treatments and serums, as they are able to absorb into your face better when the layer of dry and dead skin is removed.


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