Why Frankincense Is A Wise Man’s Choice

Any mention of frankincense will inevitably bring thoughts of Christmas and the gifts the wise men brought to the infant Jesus in Bethlehem. But while everyone knows what gold is, myrrh and frankincense are substances nobody will care to ask about once the Nativity play is over.


For that reason, the idea of frankincense deodorant may sound mystifying. However, once you know what the substance is all about, you will understand full well why wise men from the east - and any other compass direction - have good reason to trust it. 


Frankincense is in fact an aromatic resin. It is obtained from the Boswellia tree and one of the first and most obvious aspects of its appeal is its smell. Indeed, that is why it has long been given as a costly gift - which partly explains its significance in the Biblical narrative. It also means it can make you smell good, which is a good reason to use it as a deodorant.


However, frankincense is often associated with other benefits too. As Healthline notes, it has been associated with aiding conditions, like asthma, arthritis and digestion. It has also been claimed to improve oral health and fight cancer. However, while research has supported these claims to an extent, it is worth noting further studies are needed to fully corroborate favourable findings. 


It is also true that some claims have been made for frankincense that really don’t have any compelling support from scientific and medical research, at least yet. These include claims it can help fight diabetes, heart disease, premenstrual symptoms and stress, make your skin smoother, improve memory or enhance fertility.


Therefore, frankincense should not be seen as some sort of miracle drug. However, it is a very pleasant-smelling substance and using it as a deodorant will bring some very nice results. That is definitely the wise man’s way to make the most of it.


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