How Clay Can Help To Improve The Health Of Your Hair

Clay is a natural substance packed full of important minerals which can aid us in many different ways. Most commonly, you will find clay in many types of skincare products, from masks to washes and even overnight treatments.


However, clay can also be used to help aid hair health and to deliver many different minerals to your hair as well. This can help to clean and detoxify the hair as well as nourish and soothe the scalp and hair follicles.


There are many benefits to using clay in your hair care and you may find this was the missing piece in unlocking luscious, healthy hair which grows strong and beautiful.


Clay has natural cleansing and detoxifying properties. It is naturally highly absorbent meaning it can draw out excess oils, impurities and dirt from the hair. It can also help to remove product build-up from the hair which can cause it to feel limp and unhealthy.


Product build-up can happen even with regular washing as many products contain ingredients which simply do not come out with the use of regular soap and shampoo. Using clay can help to strip these from the hair, allowing it to breathe once more.


While clay detoxes can help to refresh the hair, they should not be done daily as they can also dry the hair out if done too often. The goal is to strip the hair of any excess or build-up of oils and products, not remove the healthy and necessary oils from the scalp as well.


However, using clay as a way to reduce the appearance of oily hair can be beneficial for those who produce excess oils. Incorporating a clay treatment into your monthly hair care routine can help to remove excess oils, meaning you may not need to wash your hair as often.


Clay not only helps to remove toxins from the hair but also delivers minerals to the hair. It rids the hair of the bad and instead helps to nourish it with the good, such as calcium and magnesium which can aid in strengthening the hair and promoting healthy growth.


Clay is especially good for curly hair types. Whether you have loose curls or tight coils. Curly hair types require more care and attention than straight hair as they require more moisture and styling to remain healthy.


Using clay on curly hair can help to enhance curl definition as it works to reduce frizz and also detoxify the hair and remove product build up which could be weighing the hair down and deforming the curl pattern.


There are many ways to use clay for hair care, however, the easiest method is to create a clay mask which can be applied to the scalp and then combed through to the ends of the hair.


This not only soothes and nourishes the scalp, but allows the clay to work its magic on the roots and lengths of your hair as well giving the best results.


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