The Many Alkaline Health Benefits Of Clay

Clay is a substance that has many different mineral elements, having been formed in the earth over the ages. But one benefit of it that can often be overlooked is its alkaline nature.


Gardeners will be well aware of this aspect of the mineral, as it is a very important factor in determining which plants will thrive in clay-rich soil and which won’t. People will often add acidic ingredients like fertilisers to change the PH to suit certain plants.


For humans, the benefits lie in the opposite direction. So much of what humans consume adds to the acidic nature of the gut. While stomach acid is necessary for digesting food, excessive amounts can lead to all sorts of unpleasant problems such as heartburn or gastric reflux.


There are various ways a good diet can help ease these problems, but a clay supplement is certainly one way to reduce excess acid.


Consuming alkaline foods, drinks and supplements can have a range of benefits. As well as reducing stomach acid, alkaline substances can help combat osteoporosis. Different studies have indicated it helps the body retain calcium, thus strengthening bones.


Similarly, other studies have indicated it helps reduce arthritis and rheumatism, the reason being that the body responds to excess acid by breaking down phosphates in bones and joints, so less acidity stops this from happening.


Another key benefit is that alkaline substances can increase the presence of antioxidants and expel toxins, helping strengthen the immune system.


While you could try to gain these advantages by having alkaline drinks or consuming lots of greens (something you should do for lots of good reasons), clay supplements can also play a big part in helping you get your system more balanced.


Having done so, you may find yourself heading outdoors and finding you aren’t being quite so disparaging about your clay-rich soil as some gardeners.


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