Keep Skin Moisturised With Clay During Winter Months

While many people love winter for being able to snuggle up next to the fire and enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate, there are some negatives to the cold weather, including dry skin. 


Not only is there less moisture in the air when the temperature drops, but most of us also like to keep warm in heated buildings and cars, which makes the air even drier. 


Together with steamy hot showers, these can really dehydrate the skin, leaving it dry, cracked and flaky. 


This doesn’t mean we have to put up with it though, as there are several ways of keeping skin protected from the effects of the cold weather. 


Private dermatologist Elizabeth Kiracofe advised making sure skin is covered when going out, as well as wearing lip balm. 


She also suggested changing products to heavier ones when it is cold, which holds in moisture better. 


Soaking in a clay bath can also be beneficial, as this helps to keep the skin moisturised, as well as gets rid of bacteria. 


Its strong negative ionic charge extracts toxins through the pores, while the silica content makes the skin healthier. 


Soaking in a bath with a solution of warm water and clay for at least 20 minutes will give the best results, as this really allows the minerals to soak into the skin. After this, you can rinse off the product, and remember to drink water as this will help to rehydrate the body as well. 



Other ways you can keep skin hydrated during the winter is getting enough sleep, as this gives the skin enough time to recover. It is also wise to have a humidifier in the bedroom to add moisture to the air as you sleep. 


Dr Kiracofe also recommended applying moisturiser immediately after washing to trap in the moisture, switching from hot water to warm, and only using gentle products on the skin. 


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