How to Rock Your Side Hustle Without Burning Out

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How to Rock Your Side Hustle Without Burning Out


Startups reports that 46% of Brits are working side hustles to supplement their income, boost their savings, and add some passion back to their lives. No matter why you picked up a side gig, one thing is true: It’s making your busy life even busier. Working 24/7 isn’t sustainable, but when the bills need to be paid, what are you supposed to do?

Decide how much time to spend on your side hustle

Letting your side hustle become a second full-time job is a fast way to burn out. It’s also really easy to do if your side hustle is a passion project or you’re struggling to pay the bills. Decide how many hours you’ll spend on your side hustle each week and commit to it. If you need to earn more, look for ways to deliver extra value rather than spending extra time. Can you expand your skills, increase productivity, or cut overhead costs to maximize earnings?

Identify your best working hours and work site

Don’t fight the natural flow of your energy. Pay attention to when you’re most productive and schedule work during those hours. Then, rest when your body and mind need to rest. Working at the optimal time makes you more creative, decisive, and less likely to feel stressed and overwhelmed. You can use a time-tracking app to identify patterns if you’re unsure of your peak working hours.


When you decide to start a new business, just bear in mind there are restrictions on what you can do where. Local governments, and landlords often limit what is allowed in certain areas, so check before you fall too far down a rabbit hole. 

Outsource as your side gig grows

Limiting your time doesn’t have to mean limiting your growth. When business booms and your responsibilities increase, outsource your least enjoyable tasks. A virtual assistant agency is the go-to for tedious tasks like managing your email. Stressed out by the legal aspects of running a business? Online company formation services guarantee your business documents get filed on time, every time. Because these services operate as independent businesses, there’s no red tape related to hiring employees.

Streamline personal chores

You can outsource your personal life too. If you’re constantly too tired to cook after a long day, sign up for a meal kit service with healthy options instead of reaching for junk food and take-out. Hate doing laundry? Make more time for joy when you sign up for a laundry delivery service. You can even sign up for virtual assistant services to help with administrative tasks for your side hustle that take up too much of your time.


If outsourcing isn’t an option, take matters into your own hands to ensure your living environment is set up for maximum livability and organization. By cleaning, removing clutter and implementing an organizational system, cleanup becomes more of a breeze, and it can even help eliminate negativity lurking in your home.

Set aside time to plan

Stress is guaranteed when you have a to-do list racing through your mind at all hours. Instead of keeping everything in your head, sit down for a planning session once a week. This works best with a business calendar, whether that’s a paper planner or an app that syncs with digital calendars. Schedule tasks according to priority and make sure there’s time to relax too. A balanced schedule includes non-negotiable time for hobbies, self-care, and socializing with friends and family.

Work in short bursts and take breaks

Make long days more bearable by working in short bursts with breaks in between. Resting between meetings, phone calls, and other important tasks gives you time to destress and clears your mind before moving on to what’s next. Try the Pomodoro Technique for longer stretches of work. This technique fights procrastination and distraction by gamifying your work.

Make self-care a priority

IT’s easy for a side hustle to become all-consuming. And if you’re already working a full-time job, you’ll need to take extra care to make more time for yourself and your wellbeing. Carve out appointments throughout the week so you can dedicate time to physical activity, being social, spending time in nature, and enjoying at-home self-care rituals like using a soothing face mask or taking a luxurious salt bath.


A side hustle can be your path to financial freedom, but you won’t get there if you burn out first! Practice balance as you start and grow your side gig so that you achieve long-term success. With the right habits and routines, you can reach your goals while taking care of yourself and your family too.


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