The Potential Benefits Of Bentonite Clay

There’s a bit of buzz about bentonite clay at the moment and if you’re looking for something to add to your self-care routine, this could be the wonder ingredient you’ve been after all this time.


The clay itself forms from volcanic ash and contains lots of natural minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium, which can help draw out impurities in the skin.


Its cosmetic benefits are legendary and it has been used for centuries as a hair mask or to treat acne and rashes, so if you do have some skin complaints this winter it could help restore you to your former glory.


While you may well find it in the ingredient lists for lots of your favourite skincare products, you’re also able to add it in powder form to food and drink, which it’s thought by many can help relieve digestive concerns and remove toxins from the body.


Interestingly, bentonite clay takes its name from Fort Benton in Wyoming, where it can be found in copious amounts, but it can generally be found anywhere where volcanic ash has settled into the ground.


It’s thought to have antibacterial properties so could be perfect to use in winter, when there are lots of germs flying around. And it can even reportedly help improve the health of your teeth and gums by binding to bacteria in your mouth and helping to get rid of them before they make you unwell.


What about trying it out instead of your toothpaste one night and see how you feel in the morning? Or you could mix some with water and use it as a homemade mouthwash after you’ve finished brushing. A little bit of experimenting and you’re sure to find lots of uses for this particular clay!

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