How Clay Can Play A Role In A Detox

With the Easter weekend having just passed, you might have spent the holiday enjoying yourself a little too much. Rich food and booze may be highly enjoyable at the time, but you can be left feeling a bit rough the next day and a little short of energy for a few days after, not least because you will have swapped healthy foods for some tasty but not so nutritious stuff.


If you need to get yourself feeling a bit perkier, a clay detox could be just the thing. The likes of kaolin, zeolite and rhassoul are all examples of clays we sell that can restore some balance.


Kaolin, for instance, is a mineral you will often encounter as a substance in paper or ceramics. But it also has a use in helping with upset stomachs. Indeed, a common use has been in a mix with morphine to stop you having the runs. 


Zeolite is a volcanic material that has had all sorts of uses down the ages. The Romans actually used it in bridge building. But it is also useful as a mineral for settling upset tummies, making it great for detox as well as wider gut health. It can also clean and enhance the skin, which is probably a good thing as it may not be feeling too great after some nights of excess.


Rhassoul clay is not for eating, but it can certainly work wonders as an exfoliant and offer good skin care, helping you feel better externally as well. 


To a certain extent, your body will always detox itself. Your kidney gets rid of all the toxins and will do so whether you have another glass of wine or live off carrot juice for a day. But clays with minerals that can help tackle upset stomachs and revive the skin can give you some extra benefits, leaving you feeling much better after a bit of overdoing it - until next time.


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