Why Lemon Tooth Powder Won’t Leave A Bitter Taste

Some may imagine that the history of toothcare and dentistry is a matter of ‘before’ and ‘after’. The ‘after’ involves an age of modern dentistry and oral hygiene, in which people have toothbrushes and toothpaste, while long ago dentistry was almost nonexistent and a bad tooth had to be pulled out (sans anaesthetic) or you died from the inevitable infection.


Like a lot of historical stereotypes, this is a long way from the tooth, sorry, truth.


In reality, toothpaste has been around for millennia, helping clean teeth way down the ages, although some cultures and civilisations had more access to it than others. Nor would it have looked quite like the modern stuff, coming as it does in squeezy plastic tubes that beg the question of how it got in there to start with.


However, tooth powder has actually been around even longer. It would have originally been used as a clay or chalk that people would chew on, rather than used in combination with a brush.


It contains ingredients like calcium, silica (which is great for whitening), magnesium and manganese, all of which have mineral benefits that can help your teeth. While some of these are in toothpaste, they have to be added artificially, whereas lemon tooth powder offers an organic option in which these are all naturally part of the clay powder mix.


Calcium, of course, is something people will be very familiar with. It is there in toothpaste and also in dairy products like milk, which can help strengthen teeth and bones. But having it in tooth powder does mean you can get the benefits of it directly even if you are a vegan or lactose intolerant.


Having lemon in the powder adds something quite novel. Critically, what this does not do is include very acidic lemon juice. This is important to note because there are lots of ‘hack’ ideas out there on social media for tooth whitening that involve acidic fruit juices like lemon,


While this does kill some oral bacteria and also bleaches the enamel, its acidity also wears the enamel down, so regular use can be extremely counterproductive.


Lemon tooth powder avoids this and, combined with spearmint and the alkaline characteristics of clay, will not damage your teeth, but actually provide a great PH balance. Moreover, because it’s made with dry ingredients, its effects last longer; toothpaste contains water and therefore it can dry out fast, diminishing its effect.


All this can be done with a completely natural blend of ingredients, whereas toothpaste will often contain elements of synthetic substances for whitening your teeth.


Whatever the myths and legends about the past, looking after your teeth and keeping them white is a major concern for people today. But rather than going to the shops and getting a standard tube of toothpaste, there are many alternatives you can check out.


One made using clay offers both an organic option and a range of minerals that people have been using since the dawn of time to keep their teeth in the best possible shape.  


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