Top Tips To Get Your Horse Competition Ready This Summer

The summer equestrian season is stepping up a gear, even if the weather doesn’t seem to have got the memo. It’s an exciting time with plenty of adventure ahead, but it also takes preparation and good health management to ensure that your horse is on top form for competitions this summer. Here are some top tips. 


Step up training gradually

Put together a training schedule to gradually step up the amount of work your horse is doing, rather than push them too far too soon and risk injuries. Incorporate a variety of exercises to improve their suppleness, strength and stamina. Mix up hacking, flatwork and jumping to keep them interested and enjoying their work. 


Hydration and cooling

The summer weather has been rather underwhelming so far. In fact, cooler temperatures can suit horses (and riders) very well, especially if you are planning to take part in demanding competitions such as show jumping, cross country or dressage. 


If the temperatures do hot up, you may want to consider giving your horse electrolytes to replace the minerals they lose through sweat.  After intense exercise, sponge or hose your horse down to help them cool off and feel comfortable. Ensure they always have access to fresh water. 


Consider giving feed supplements

There are a plethora of supplements available to support various aspects of your horses’ health and wellbeing. Each horse is unique and will have their specific quirks and needs. This may depend on their age, breed, previous medical history, and the amount and type of work that they do.  


A popular natural supplement to support bone and tissue health in horses, particularly competition horses or older horses, is Zeolite Clinoptilolite. This is a high quality palatable powder that contains silicon, which is a mineral that plays a key role in bone formation and the production of cartilage. 


This can help to support greater levels of flexibility, suppleness, and joint mobility, ensuring that your horse can always perform to the best of his ability. It can also help older horses avoid lameness and injury and help them to continue enjoying an active life. Zeolite also supports good digestion and can improve skin and coat health. 


Get yourself fit as well

Competitions demand a good level of all-round fitness from the rider as well as the horse, so consider your own fitness routine. Adjust your diet accordingly to ensure you are getting good sources of energy and are the optimal weight for your horse. 


Aim to do a mixture of exercise that includes cardiovascular training and work to improve your leg and core strength, and overall suppleness, balance and stamina. 


Take part in mock competitions

If you have the opportunity, mock competitions are an excellent way to prepare mentally and physically for the real thing. They can also help you to get on top of logistics such as loading, journey times, packing, and any extra tack or equipment you may need. 


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