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The absorbent properties of  clay work in beauty care treatments by drawing out impurities and toxins from the skin, toning and firming while stimulating circulation. We use it to tighten pores, exfoliate dead skin, and reveal a smoother, fresher complexion. It is known to clear problem skin and heal blemishes, usually in the form of a clay mask. If you have a dry or sensitive skin complexion, you should use a clay mask only once a week, as the clay will absorb moisture from the skin along with any impurities. 

French Green Clay Powder

With its high mineral and nutrient content and micro molecules (which enhance absorption), French green clay powder is often used in skincare treatments such as facial masks and body packs at spas. Because it's very absorbent, it's especially good for oily skin. This clay tones, stimulates, and cleanses the pores.

 Red Montmorillonite Clay Powder

Similar to Green Montmorillonite clay powder but richer in iron oxide (hence the color), Red Montmorillonite powder is best for normal to oily or combination skin. Red clay softens and tones. Sensitive or mature skins also benefit from the ability of red clay to refresh the skin

White Kaolin Clay Powder

A very mild clay, Kaolin,gently cleanses and exfoliates without drawing oil, making it perfect for sensitive skin types. At the same time, its astringent effect is suitable for normal to oily skin. In addition to clay masks, the fine, fluffy powder is used in body powders and deodorants, soap products, and body packs.

Make a Facial Mask

Clay masks withdraw excess oil and pollutants from our faces.

Even if it’s very cold where you live and your skin is chapped and dry, a soothing clay mask will be beneficial, especially if you mix the clay with a moisturizing vegetable oil base.

Making clay masks is easy. 


Kaolin, white:

Our Kaolin come from the ancient volcanic region of the Cote D'Armor in Brittany 

This clay is able to balance the skin’s sebum activity. For those unfamiliar with clay masks, this is the one that’s recommended the most. White kaolin is also suitable for children and adults with sensitive skin.

Green Montmorillonite Clay:

Our Green Clay come from the unpolluted hills on the Island of Sardinia

Heavy with volcanic matter, decomposed plant substances and minerals. Very cleansing. Only recommended for oily skins or a normal/oily skin combination.


Red Montmorillonite Clay:

Our Red Clay come from the unpolluted hills on the Island of Sardinia

Contains iron and is used by those who have an oily complexion. Men with tough skin might want to give this a try.


Skin Types:


To combine the clay you’ll need various types of liquids, depending upon your skin type. Here’s a general guide:

Dry/Sensitive Skin:

Heavy cream, honey or vegetable oils such as sesame, grape-seed, sweet almond, jojoba or olive.


Normal Skin:

A light vegetable oil such as grape-seed or sweet almond. Whole milk is recommended, as are flower waters such as rose or orange. Only use one liquid at a time!


Oily Skin: 

Distilled or spring water, witch hazel, flower waters.

Before you make your clay mask, clean your face thoroughly as this will allow the clay to really do its job much more effectively. Some experts recommend steaming/massaging your face before applying the clay mask.


Mixing Ingredients:

In a glass bowl, blend 2 tables wood spoons of the clay with approximately 3 tables wood spoons of the liquid.

Pour the liquid in slowly so you don’t add too much. The consistency should be thick, not runny.

If you add more of the wet ingredient than you want, just increase the amount of clay.


Applying the Mask:

You can spread the mask with your fingers, or a cotton swab. Avoid the eye area and use upward strokes. Apply to the neck also. Spend anywhere from 15-30 minutes relaxing, preferably lying down. Don’t fall asleep! When the mask is dry, rinse off with lukewarm or cool water. Your skin will glow with vibrant good health.

Adding Essential Oils:

A drop or two of a pure essential oil such as Ylang Ylang, rose, lavender or orange will be helpful for your face and will further calm you.

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