Animals eating clay

The practice of eating clay is widespread amongst both humans and animals. In this video, you will see animals instinctively eating clay in the wild. Clay is a staple food in the diets of many different species of mammals. No one forces these wild animals to eat clay - they do it because it just makes them feel better. Many of the foods that animals consume, such as leaves and seeds, contain toxins and poisons that can cause upset stomachs, digestive problems, and even death for a wide variety of them. To neutralise and buffer the toxins that animals ingest, they instinctively know to eat clay regularly. For elephants, monkeys, parrots, buffalo, and deer, clay is a lifesaving substance, and they will travel vast distances, risking their lives to obtain it.


Clay for Pets and Horses

Clay for Pets and Horses


All kinds of Animals have been seen to eat clay when they are unwell.  When they have diarrhoea for example, animals in nature have been seen to eat clay. In the same way we have all seen dogs and cats eat grass when they are sick.  It seems that their body instinctively knows what they need. Notice if your animal is eating soil, it may be a sign that they are nutrient deficient. Because so many pets are kept in urban environments it is very hard for them to come across any naturally occurring clay. Through the Clay Cure you can supply your pet with the purest quality of clays that we have sourced from the unpolluted hills of Sardinia. It is very safe and absolutely clean and is an excellent food supplement.  


Just as in humans the clay works in the bodies of animals in five primary ways.


It balances:

A balanced body is designed to heal itself. You could say that clay is intelligent earth.  It is made up of nano crystals.  Crystals are capable of  memory, reorganisation and holding energy.  Clay communicates with the body and acts as needed: it is homeostatic and strives to return the body to a state of wellness.


It detoxifies:

Clay has strongly negatively charged ions that pull, hold and capture positive charged ions which are found in toxin viruses, mold, yeast , heavy metals, and radiation.  This is made possible by its tremendous absorption/adsorption capacity. 


It stimulates

It can promote blood flow and oxygenation, stimulating circulation and the flow of energy necessary for cellular revitalization and repair. it awakens latent cell energy.       


It alkalizes:

Clay has a high alkaline Ph,in the 8.5 to 10. Range.  Internally calcium bentonite clay works from the mouth, down through the alimentary canal, providing a very effective cleansing and detoxing capability even though it is not absorbed through the colon wall into the blood stream. 


It nourishes :

Since it is naturally very high in mineral content and trace elements clay can be used as a naturally occurring mineral supplement.  Research shows that the way that the minerals and trace elements are found within clay is in the exact balanced ratio that the body needs for perfect assimilation.






Nutri clay capsules

We are happy and proud to present you our latest product, from the best selling clay for internal use in the UK, Nutri Clay® Is now available in capsule form. Many of our customers have been waiting for this.


This Clay is considered a powerful, yet gentle detoxifier. Taken on a regular basis, it cleanses and draws out toxins, metabolic wastes and pathogens from the body. It naturally detoxifies and revitalises the entire digestive tract. The alkalinity of 8.5ph dramatically reduces yeast and fungus that thrive in an acidic environment, and thus strengthens the body's defences and improves energy levels. This clay is ultra pure, clean, allergen free and high in beneficial trace elements, making it the clay of choice for internal use.


Manufactured in the UK in an ISO 9001 facility to GMP standards. 


Suggested use:


Unless prescribed otherwise by your doctor, take 1-3 capsules of Nutri Clay® before meals with approx. 250 ml water 1 to 3 times daily (as necessary). Maximum of 9 capsules daily. Increase liquid intake.


Natural deodorant

Make Natural Deodorants Part of your life

If you’re looking for a natural organic deodorant for men, look out for the ones that contain skin-friendly ingredients that won’t cause harm to your skin in the long run. Banish body odor with extremely fragrant organic deodorants that not only keeps you fresh but have you experience a healthy body throughout. The market is loaded with chemically treated products that harm your bodies. Prolonged use of synthetic products makes your bodies vulnerable to several health hazards that can pose other threats as well.

Also, the use of sodium bicarbonate food grade in many supplements has brought down the levels of chemicals in bath and body products to a large extent. Sodium bicarbonate possesses the cleaning qualities and is thus, used to clean utensils and many other things that otherwise contain chemicals in the higher percentage. However, this very product works wonders when used as an antiperspirant. There are a thousand ways you can customize your deodorant at home or buy products containing sodium bicarbonate and stay away from such concerns.

When we talk about organic products, we are primarily focussing on the ingredients that are environmentally friendly and are healthy when applied to the body. Men often suffer from bad odor during summers or otherwise also. Therefore, the natural organic deodorants for men are readily available so that the problem of bacteria persisting in the bodies get entirely solved.

What you need to do?

Log into portals specialized in the organic skin and body care range of products, explore their product list and study each product thoroughly and buy the product instantly. All the payments are made via safe and secure payment modes for you to enjoy each of the products at your doorsteps.

Zeolite : The Alchemy Of Water, Air, Fire And Earth

Clinoptilolite Zeolite has proven to be a deeply purifying mineral for cleansing and detox protocols.

"Detox" has become the buzz-word of the millennium, and many people detox without understanding why they're doing it, or what they're detoxing. Here's the deal in a nutshell: Toxicity occurs when the body is unable to eliminate toxins more quickly than the body accumulates them.

^Clinoptilolite zeolite is a non-toxic, deeply detoxifying, alkalizing dietary supplement earth clay that can be taken internally and externally to help rid the body of toxins such as heavy metals, ammonia, and other harmful environmental chemicals. Benefits increase with continued usage. It naturally holds a negative charge and will bond with toxins for safe and effective removal. It can also be used externally for face and body masks, or added into bath water for a detoxifying bath.

Clinoptilolite Zeolite originated millions of years ago when lava and volcanic ash fell into the sea and boiled there (zeo = to boil, lite = stone).

A Swedish mineralogist named Freiherr Cronstedt officially discovered zeolites in scientific terms in 1756. However, powdered zeolite has been used by people throughout history in all parts of the world where these volcanic deposits can be found. Humans most likely received the idea when watching wildlife that were naturally attracted to occasional consumption of the mineral substance.

 How Does Zeolite Work?


Natural clinoptilolite zeolite is an arrangement of silica and alumina tetrahedra.Silica (SI02) is the second most common element on our planet next to oxygen. Everyone knows we can't live without oxygen, but many people don't realize they also cannot live without silica. On a microscopic level zeolite has a 3-dimensional honeycomb-shaped crystalline structure that maintains a negative magnetic charge, which acts like a "cage", drawing in and capturing positively charged toxins in the bloodstream, tissues and gastrointestinal tract.

It is believed that approximately 40% of clinoptilolite binds to toxins in the gut, with the other 60% pulling out toxins in the blood and cellular matter. These harmful materials are then safely encapsulated within the zeolite molecule and removed from the body via the urine and the stools, usually within 6-8 hours after consuming.

Clinoptilolite zeolite (only this form of zeolite is suitable for medicinal purposes) acts as a natural buffer that is a non-toxic way to safely remove all positively charged heavy metals from the body, plus other materials like ammonia, nitrosamines, plastic residues, pesticides and toxic chemicals like dioxin.

Furthermore, clinoptilolite zeolite can disarm free-radicals, bind and remove toxic substances and regulate Ph levels.



Mother Earth's Blessing Health


By Adam Speaks

Mother Earth’s Blessing Health & Beauty Clay 

When many of us were children we ate dirt, made mud pies, and craved clay.  Some of us began eating cornstarch, chalk, plaster instinctively seeking to satisfy the craving for clay, which was our DNA activated to urge us to detoxify for the myriad of poisons we were being fed in the hot dogs, hamburgers, breakfast cereals, milk, cheese,  eggs,  white sugar,  sodas,  additives, colorings, preservatives, hormones, and god knows what else.

Indigenous and native peoples have always used clays in their daily health and beauty rituals. Clay provides an impressive assortment of minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, manganese, and silica as well as trace elements.

It also has strong magnetic properties that draw toxins out of the skin, and is a powerful agent of stimulation, healing, transmission, and transformation. 

Use on oily or dry skin for balancing, has an inherent intelligence that nourishes and strengthens. Excellent for facials puffy eyes, acne, boils sprains, swellings bruises, soreness, eczema, psoriasis, or other skin condition. Mix clay with drinking water until creamy, smooth into skin, allow to dry, rinse with cool or warm water. Moisturize with shea butter, cocoa butter, or olive oil.


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